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Does your kid spend enough time outside? Research shows most kids don’t, but new Root 4 Kids program created by Annie’s organic foods aims to encourage and inspire kids and families to get outside, dig into nature and eat healthier by offering recipes, gardening tips and activities — and we’re happy they’re leading the charge. Be Out There notes that kids spend just half as much time outdoors as they did 20 years ago which makes little sense for green families, since studies show that the best direct route to teaching little ones to care for the environment is to allow them to participate in nature activities before the age of 11. Plus, by the time most U.S. children enter kindergarten, they’ll have spent more than 5,000 hours in front of a television — that’s enough time to earn a college degree! Top this off with staggering childhood obesity rates due to lack of activity and poor eating habits, and well, childhood is starting to look pretty abysmal. After the jump, get more details on the difference the Root 4 Kids program can make.

Annie’s new Root 4 Kids program offers a smorgasbord of fun, educational and healthy ideas for families all over the globe. First take the Root 4 Kids pledge and encourage your school, and parents at your local school to participate too. The school or community with the most pledges by December 31, 2010 will win their choice of a garden, a new Farm to School program or gardening supplies for one year. Plus, for every 1,000 Root 4 Kids pledges Annie’s receives, the company will contribute funds toward a garden or Farm to School program in an underprivileged school.

After taking the pledge, get even more involved by visiting the the Eat, Dig, Love and Play sections of Root 4 Kids. Each section is 100% kid-friendly and offers fun ideas about how to grow, cook and eat more fresh veggies. Get fresh veggie recipes for kids, play games, find organic gardening resources, get free coloring pages and even find out what type of veggie you’d be (I’m lettuce!) Visit Root 4 Kids today and start inspiring kids to dig real, healthy, fresh food.

Hey guys, it’s free, fun, and seems like what we’re doing already anyway!  I pledged, why don’t you?

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