The Philosophy

“Those who have been required to memorize the world as it is
will never create the world as it might be.”

At Mixed Greens, we aim to create a continuously evolving learning environment, moving away from the typical academic approach. We strive to maintain a warm and relaxed atmosphere conducive to engaging in and maintaining meaningful social interactions. Our certified Eco-Healthy Child Care facility aims to utilize eco-friendly building methods, materials, and energy sources as much as possible, with a continuing emphasis on developing awareness through environmentally responsible education and sustainable development.

This is a place in which children will feel lovingly nurtured as all young need to be, yet empowered as the competent beings they are becoming; secure within their society, yet independent to think and function freely.  Our aim is for an early childhood education experience that creates inquisitive, intelligent, compassionate people while still appreciating the wonder of childhood, cherishing their magical imaginative thought processes and aiding in a cultivation of that curious wonder to act as a tool for furthering understanding of their world.

The philosophy behind Mixed Greens is inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach, and developed by Heather Ashton Black, a certified Child Development Master Teacher, Site Supervisor, and Program Director in the state of California, who has dedicated her life to the field of Early Childhood Education.